Detoxification using the ionic detox footbath

  • Posted on: Feb 15 2020
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At SlimSculpt Studios, patients have a wide range of cosmetic solutions available to them to feel their absolute best. Patients interested in removing fat and toxins from the body through the lymphatic system are excited to hear about the ionic detox footbath.

What is the ionic detox footbath?

The team of SlimSculpt Studios in Las Vegas, NV describe the ionic detox footbath as a method of cleansing the body from harmful toxins that may impact the body’s function and health. Toxins may develop in the body due to chemicals in the home, toxins in beauty products, and impurities found in the air and environment. During an ionic detox footbath, toxins in the body are essentially pulled through the feet. Ionized footbath water helps to safely and effectively clear out the body of toxins while providing a feeling of relaxation. Ionized water is given a positive charge with hydrogen to attract toxins that are negatively charged. The ionized water works like a magnet to pull toxins to the bottom of the feet.

Who is a candidate for an ionic detox footbath?

The ionic detox footbath is best for any patients, except those with an infection or open sore on the feet. Treatment is a relaxing way to do good for the body.

Why should I choose the ionic detox footbath?

There is no better way to rid the body of toxins than with the ionic detox footbath. Not only is it safe and effective but many patients enjoy the relaxation they experience when having their footbath performed at SlimSculpt Studios. We encourage interested patients to schedule a consultation appointment with our team to determine if they are a good fit for this treatment and other solutions available at our office.

Are you interested in learning more about the ionic detox footbath?

The providers at SlimSculpt Studios in Las Vegas, NV invite men and women to consider the benefits of detoxification with the ionic detox footbath available at their practice. Patients can book an appointment by calling (702) 485-2115 and visit us in Suite 175 at 410 South Rampart Boulevard. New and existing patients are welcome to schedule their appointment with us and discuss their personal needs.

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