What is the ionic detox footbath?

Detox footbathDue to our environment, impurities and chemicals can become a part of the skin and body. These toxins can become harmful over time. With the use of a ionic detox foot bath services at SlimSculpt Studios, patients can now help in removing these toxins through the feet.

How does the ionic detox foot bath work?

By using the ionic detox foot bath solution at SlimSculpt Studios, patients can pull toxins from the body out through their feet with the use of ionizing the water. Ionizing the water of the foot bath can add hydrogen to give the water a positive charge. This charge attracts the negative charge of toxins in the body to help pull them from the bottom of the feet. Heavy metals and toxins in the body can be removed, in the same way a magnet can attract metal objects.

When should I consider an ionic detox foot bath?

Most patients can benefit from a detox foot bath at any point in time. Patients can also consider having these treatments done on a regular basis to keep their body healthy. Additionally, foot baths are extremely relaxing, and many patients feel as though they are being pampered while ridding toxins from their body. It’s a great way to calm down and unwind from a long day, while reviving circulation in the feet. Some patients may also want to consider foot baths at home between ionic detoxes, using Epsom salts, warm water, and essential oils.

Ionic detox foot baths are continuing to grow in popularity as it can be a great way to cleanse the body of harmful chemicals and toxins that are found in many health and beauty products. If you are considering ways to live a more natural or organic lifestyle with less toxins in your day-to-day products, integrating these detoxing foot baths is a great place to start!

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