A Few Things About Weight Loss

  • Posted on: Oct 15 2018
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Nutritional Consultation Las Vegas, NVIt’s not easy losing weight, but a leaner, more contoured you is what we’re all about at Slim Sculpt Studios. Along that line, we’ve partnered with Elaine Goodlad, renowned fitness/nutrition/bodybuilding expert to help coach our clients when it comes to what they are eating.

Before you meet with Elaine, here are a few things you may not know about eating right.

  • Higher calories don’t necessary mean more pounds— Many low-fat foods have replaced fat with carbohydrates, and they can actually make you eat more. Nuts, for instance, are high in calories and fat, but they are helpful for weight loss.
  • Eat those veggies— Every diet or nutritional plan knows what your mom knew…that you should eat your vegetables. Most eating plans allow for an unlimited amount of vegetables, and most fruits, too.
  • Exercise can’t overcome everything— Just because you ran around the block three times doesn’t mean you should now go eat a Blooming Onion at Outback (3,080 calories). We will help you here, but many people dramatically overestimate how many calories they burn while exercising. This can lead to a reward mentality, or that voice inside your head saying, “You worked out hard, so you earned that cookie.”
  • Realistic weight loss goals— Sometimes we’ll have a new client come in and we ask what his or her weight loss goals are. They hearken back to a time when they were in high school or college, and that is their target weight. Umm, could be time for a more reasonable weight loss goal. Just losing five percent of your weight pays huge dividends toward reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. And you can actually do it.
  • It’s easier to take mini steps— If you focus on the end goal of “X” pounds lost, it can be very difficult to stick with weight loss. Instead, take mini steps. These can be things such as adding a fruit or vegetable to your lunch and dinner each day. Realize that goal, feel good about it, and then move on to the next one. This is how you can change the way you eat, and your weight, for the long haul.
  • Once you lose the weight it’s not over — People can treat weight loss as a limited goal. If they achieve it, they can say, “I’m good” and go right back to their former eating habits. Guess what? The weight will come back with it. Your changes need to be sustainable, not ephemeral.

Weight loss coaching and planning is much of what we do at Slim Sculpt Studios. Call us at (833) 754-6968 if you want to make a healthier future your future.

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