Take Better Care of Your Skin this New Year’s

  • Posted on: Jan 15 2019
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Detoxification Las Vegas NVEven though we don’t struggle through the snow and ice of a Midwest winter, we still have all of the effects of winter down here in Las Vegas. Colder temperatures, chilling winds, and indoor heat all gang up to stick it to your skin at this time of year. No matter how “normal” our skin, we all feel increased itchiness and irritation during the winter months. And it’s not just that bad sweater your Mom gave you for Christmas! In some people, skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis can take the warm weather months off and then come itching back in the winter.

Since we’re all about helping our clients feel their best here are some tips to keep your skin fro drying out during a Las Vegas winter.

Change up some things

Hot showers can feel great when you have a winter chill, but it’s actually better to keep the water temperatures warmer rather than hotter. Hot water strips your skin of moisture. You can also put your bar soap away, as body washes are usually less harsh. Apply moisturizer when your skin is still moist after your shower.

Moisturizers are not all the same

People assume moisturizers return water back into the skin. Actually they just slow down the natural loss of water, which is accelerated with the dry winter air. And while you may avoid greasy lotions in the hot summer months, in the winter greasy is actually better, as it fends off the dry air better. Watch it on your face, though, as it can clog your pores.

Winter sun is still sun

It’s easy to assume that the sun has no power during the winter. It’s so low on the horizon and only seems to be up for about seven hours. Plus, we’re not sitting out poolside around town when it’s a balmy 42 outside. Still, the winter sun will burn you if you let it. Plus, if you’re running up to Tahoe or Park City for the weekend, snow reflection + altitude = even stronger UV rays. Apply sunscreen to your exposed areas of your face and ears, even under the chin. Use lip balm with 15 spf or higher, too.


Most of us have an itchy sweater that is really warm. While that might not be necessary for most us in a desert winter, for others mid-40s equals bone chilling. So how to you wear a wool sweater without the itchiness? Wear a long sleeve T-shirt underneath the wool sweater. It blocks the direct contact with your skin, plus if you’re indoors and going crazy, you can always take the sweater off and still have the t-shirt.

Las Vegas winters aren’t exactly Buffalo, but they still present challenges for your skin. Follow these tips and you’ll have a lot less itching and dry skin while you wait for the warmer weather to return.

Winter is also a great time to try to finally take off some weight. At Slim Sculpt Studios, that’s a big part of our mission, so call us at (833) 754-6968 and let’s make a plan.

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