Nutritional Counseling to Help You Meet Your Goals!

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2019
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Obtaining a healthier body starts with proper diet and exercise. When men and women visit SlimSculpt Studios in Las Vegas, NV, they are working with providers to help them meet their goals. Patients are educated on the realistic expectations that can be achieved with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and our body contouring services. To keep the results over time, patients need to make lifestyle changes that will ensure they are doing what is best for their body—inside and out!

Nutritional consultation

Our Nutritional Consultants at SlimSculpt Studios are excited to share with patients the ways in which they can reach their goals. With nutritional advice, many of our patients have the opportunity to shed excess weight while ensuring their body is healthy overall. This might mean the reduction of fatty meats and an increase in fruits and vegetables. Our consultants will also provide patients with recipes to help them on their journey and to make eating healthy something they can stick to for long-term results. Our team will assess a patient’s current diet and help hold them accountable for the necessary changes that need to occur.

What if I have certain conditions?

When patients visit a nutritional counselor, they need to speak to them about their current conditions. This may include special deviations from most diets. For example, a patient who is lactose intolerant may need to eliminate dairy products from their diet to ensure they stay healthy and feel their best. Other patients, such as those with diabetes, will also need to have certain alterations made to the diet that is best for them. Each individual is assessed to ensure their dietary plan meets their needs and their overall health concerns.

Are you interested in obtaining your goal for a healthier body?

Now is the time to connect with our nutritional counselors at SlimSculpt Studios to learn more about the advantages of integrating a healthy diet into your weight loss goals. Call the practice at (702) 485-2115 and visit us at 410 South Rampart Boulevard, Ste. 175. Our team assists patients in and around the area of Las Vegas, NV with their body sculpting needs and overall health and wellness!

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